...I wish there was some way I could help you.

—Yuudai Oshiro, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Yuudai Oshiro』
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Oshiro Yuudai


16 years old


Female Male - Eyes Wiki





『Birth Date』

11th July

『Zodiac Sign』

Cancer Cancer

『Blood Type』




Yuudai Oshiro is a minor character of Eyes: Bloodied Secrets.


He is a blonde-haired male with light brown eyes. His skin is rather pale, and he has many scars, cuts and stitches across his body. He also is handicapped, due to his lack of a left hand. In addition, he also wears very dirty, blood-stained bandages and is adorned with a white, grey-ish T-shirt that is stained with dry blood. In contrast, he wears black shorts that similiarly has blood over them, along with black converse that has surprisingly moist blood latched to the bottom of them. To top it off, he has a plaster on his cheek.
Thanks to being a ghost, instead of showing his colours, he is shrouded in a pale orange mist. His colours only come up towards the end of the game.


Yuudai comes across as a very shy, socially awkward boy who struggles with making conversation. He prefers to stay silent in most situations, and only really talks around Isamu, if they're alone. He is especially timid around strangers, but attempts to help people out despite his awkwardness.


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