—Yuriko Hinata, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Yuriko Hinata』
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Hinata Yuriko




17 years old


Female Female - Eyes Wiki


5'7" / 167 cm


41 kg / 90.4 lbs

『Birth Date』

January 3rd

『Zodiac Sign』

Capricorn Capricorn

『Blood Type』


『Bust Size』



Akita Academy


High school student






Tasting healthy foods


Noisy places, bad smells


Playing sports

『Future Dream』

To be an olympian


Ryuu (Older Twin Brother)

『Voice Actor』

Bunnii-tann. (Deviantart icon)

Yuriko Hinata is one of the main characters in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets. She is the younger twin sister of Keita.


Yuriko is a somewhat tall, slender girl with medium-length black hair tied into two plaited pigtails with blue eyes. Being the only character in the game to appear without wearing a uniform, she wears the Akita Academy sports PE kit that contains a rough blue short-sleeved T shirt with the Akita symbol on, matching shorts with white streaks going down the sides, white below knee-height socks and blue trainers. 


Yuriko is a young, athletic girl who is on various sport teams. Despite being athletic, she is surprisingly dainty and is terrible in scary situations. She would have panic attacks and would normally ask her brother to protect her. Sometimes a little gobby, she can normally get herself into trouble.


  • 'Yuriko' means 'Lily child.'
  • Originally Yuriko was suppose to be younger
  • Yuriko's former name was Natsumi
    • The name Natsumi translates to beautiful summer.

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