"Bwahh!! That's so totally adorable!! You guys must really care for eachother, huh? Well, you'd better take care of eachother from here on out! It'd be a really big shame if one of you, or both of you, were to die! Wait, no! I have an even better idea! I'll help you guys! So, you have no excuse to die, now! See you laaaaaaterrrrrr!"

『Yumei Shiryo』
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30 years old







『Birth Date』

2nd February

『Zodiac Sign』


『Blood Type』


『Bust Size』



Formerly a children's entertainer



『Voice Actor』



Yumei is a very tall, thin woman with ginger hair and brown eyes. Her hair is tied in a side-ponytail with a thick, yellow scrunchie, and two marbles attached onto frayed ends of the bobble. She appears to be very unhealthy, and has a pale complexion. She also appears to be wearing very casual clothing. She wears: a black, skin-tight shirt and a loose, pink shirt over the top. In addition, she wears black leggings with a matching black, frilly skirt, accompanied with pink dolly shoes. She appears to have no sense of style, and her clothing shows that she was apparently a very bold, bright person. Pushing this aside, her clothes have dried bloodstains and there appears to be a soup-like substance in her eye socket, which seems to be her eye, smashed into a gloopy liquid, but it didn't seem to fall out of her eye socket. Because she is a ghost, her whole body is coloured white, or colours similar to it. She also appears to have many bruises, and freckles along the bridge of her nose.


Yumei comes across as an energetic, excitable woman, and her death didn't seem to make her personality falter. She comes across as very helpful and cheerful, despite being dead. However, she comes across as over-protective and defensive, so if someone or something upsets her, she goes in a tantrum and refuses to help anyone else.


Judging by Yumei's state, it is predicted that Yumei died from being hit or punched in the face several times, mostly directed towards her eye, and she was pummelled by punches so much, that it eventually turned her eyeball into a liquid. From there on, she continued to get beaten, judging by the bruises along her body and face.


  • Yumei is the only ghost with a white colour, assuming she is 'neutral'.