Be strong. Whatever you do, just please continue to be strong. It may be stormy now, but it won't rain forever...Things will get better. We'll find everyone, and we'll get the hell out of here! Together.

—Misora Yamamura, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Misora Yamamura』
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Yamamura Misora


17 years old


Female Female - Eyes Wiki


5'1" / 154.9 cm


53 kg / 116.8 lbs

『Birth Date』

February 3rd

『Zodiac Sign』

Aquarius Aquarius

『Blood Type』

A (RH+ type)

『Bust Size』



Akita Academy


High school student






Family portraits.


Raisins, the thought of death, scary situations, stereotypes.


Hanging around with Kazumi, going to cosplay / beauty photoshoots

『Future Dream』

To be a model.

『Voice Actor』

Leah Gee. (Wikia icon) (Deviantart icon)

Misora Yamamura is one of the main characters in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets.


Misora has blonde hair and lightly tanned skin, accompanied by blue eyes. She wears a red barette along with a white shirt that has semi-transparent sleeves with sequins on. In addition, she wears a black, high-waisted skirt with white polka dots. Underneath, she wears black tights and black, heeled shoes. She claims to give off a relaxed, but cute aura, merely from the way she dresses.


Bubbly and adorable, Misora is a free-will spirit. She's extremely careless and would do anything without thinking. Normally around Kazumi, she tries to act more mature but have a good time whilst doing so. Misora always attempts to be supportive and is usually very polite and optimistic. Though, thanks to her lack of seriousness, she can sometimes not be taken seriously when she attempts to be stern or angry.


  • Misora's early concept name was Ai.
  • Name Misora tranlates to beautiful sky.
    • This is relating to Misora's free will.
  • When Misora is happy, her ahoge points upwards.

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