I-I...I...Don't know what to say...I-I guess I should say...thank you?

—Yumi Aomori

『Yumi Aomori』
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Aomori Yumi


11 years old (at death)


Female Female - Eyes Wiki


4'4" / 132.1 cm


24 kg / 52.9 lbs

『Birth Date』

May 1st

『Zodiac Sign』

Taurus Taurus

『Blood Type』


『Bust Size』



Furushima Elementary School


Elementary school student






Nothing in particular.


Nothing in particular.



『Future Dream』

Looking into it.


Older sister

『Voice Actor』

Leah Gee. (Wikia icon) (Deviantart icon)

Yumi Aomori is one of the main characters introduced in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets. She is one of the evil spirits haunting the school.


Before death

Yumi was a very tall girl with a pale complexion and she looked nothing like an eleven year old due to her surprisingly mature features. She had long, black hair that was tied up in a high ponytail that was tied with a fuzzy bobble. In addition, she also had brown eyes. A single strand of her thick hair is in a braid. She formally didn't wear her Furushima Elementary School uniform, so instead she wore her long-sleeved white shirt with one of her sleeves rolled up and had most of the top buttons undone to expose some of her bra. She has ear piercings in the shape of spheres and wears a short, black skrirt along with white tights. She wears black shoes that have a slight heel.

After death

After being killed by her teacher, Shinji Takahashi, her hair got torn and ripped, being released from the ponytail's bobble's grasp so it fell down. Her right eye was torn out by Shinji, but her left eye was kept in, only to be slashed by a knife, but still locked in place, however this still made her loose her vision. Now, all of her buttons on her shirt were undone, her tights had several holes in and her clothes and skin were covered in blood splatters.


Even after death, her snobby personality never changed. She was very upper-class and achieved to be the best of the best. She would show off and try to out-do every ghost or person, attempting to be the biggest bully there was and just be a magnet to guys. She was Kira's fake friend and bully.