Sorry, you just get all cute and embarrassed when I say it. It's funny, and I like it when you have that look on your face. I like everything about you, though. You're perfect. Don't ever forget that, and don't...don't change for anyone, okay? No matter what they say.

—Reon Satou, Eyes:Bloodied Secrets

『Reon Satou』
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Satō Reon


17 years old


Male Male - Eyes Wiki


5'5" / 165.1 cm


60 kg / 132.3 lbs

『Birth Date』

January 1st

『Zodiac Sign』

Capricorn Capricorn

『Blood Type』



Akita Academy


High school student








Fangirls, school


Hanging around with Akari

『Future Dream』

To become a teacher



『Voice Actor』

Darrell Ross. (Deviantart icon)

Reon Satou is one of the main playable characters, introduced in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets.


Reon is a teenage guy of below average built. He has dark blue, somewhat spiky hair and sharp, green eyes. Like any other male student at Akita Academy, he wears the male attire of a black long-sleeved shirt buttoned to the top of the chest, leaving him enough room to have the top buttons undone, showing a small part of his chest. His dark red tie is a two-piece set and has a strange symbol of a crimson and hot pink shaded heart with a gold ribbon on it, supposedly the Akita Academy symbol / badge. He also has matching black shoes and trousers with a studded belt.


Reon is a stuboorn, quiet lone-wolf kind of boy. Due to him having the personality of someone being shrouded in mystery, he is a popular hit with the girls, though, instead of being amazed by himself, he hates being practically stalked by fangirls for whatever reason. He seems to always have his eye on Akari Suzuki, for he has taken an interest to her. His personality seems to be similar to Ryuu's, but he appears to be much more intelligent than Ryuu. Reon is level-headed and very tactical and is able to understand a fair bit. He claims that he can't have an intelligent conversation with people because they'd think he's weird, so he wouldn't fit in.


  • Reon's original name was Hayato
  • Name Reon means "Descendant of the King" and it's origin is African.
  • Reon is afraid of being alone.