Ding dong! You've got that wrong!~

—Kira Fukushima, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Kira Fukushima』
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Fukushima Kira


11 years old (at death)


Female Female - Eyes Wiki


4' / 121.9 cm


31 kg / 68.3 lbs

『Birth Date』

October 30th

『Zodiac Sign』

Scorpio Scorpio

『Blood Type』


『Bust Size』



Furushima Elementary School


Elementary school student










Isolating herself

『Future Dream』

For people to like her



『Voice Actor』

Chloe Davies. (Wikia icon) (Deviantart icon)

Kira Fukushima is the main antagonist of Eyes series and ghost that roams around in the haunted school. She is first introduced in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets


Before death

Kira used to be a somewhat pretty girl. She had long, black hair that was tied up in high bunches which were tied with two red bows. In addition, she had large blue eyes. She wore her Furushima Elementary School uniform formally by doing up all the buttons to the top on her white, long-sleeved shirt, a black blazer covering the top with both buttons done up together, the Furushima badge on the blazer, a black skirt, black knee-height socks and black dolly shoes. Both the bangs at the side of her face were braids.

After death

After being killed by her teacher, Shinji Takahashi, her hair got mangled and tangled, her bows getting destroyed. In the process, both of her eyes were taken out with Shinji's hands, which was the thing that killed her. Her clothes then were stained and ruined with blood splatters and parts were ripped and tore off from struggling. Shinji was not satisfied, so, he decided to remove her main organs and limbs. ( Her brain, her eyes, her heart, her arms and her legs ), and he hid them in different places.


Before death

Kira was a somewhat lonely girl. She would spend most of her time alone after school, watching the suspended raindrops on the windows. She would isolate herself from everyone else due to being frightened of bullies and scared that people wouldn't like her for who she really was. She hated school, and she would occasionally cry about it. However, after being accepted into a small group, she finally felt a little spark of happiness.

After death

While roaming through the school, she would seek out revenge. Due to loss of her eyes, she would suspect anyone human to be the culprit of her death. She eventually lost all sanity, making herself lose control of anger and never gave anyone sympathy or another chance and just struck. She has a short attention span and has several techniques on how to kill people despite her age. Although, she mainly goes for people's eyes, attempting to replace theirs with hers.


  • Kira is the main antagonist of Eyes series.
  • Kira is one of several Anglicized forms of the Celtic name Ciara, which in Gaelic means dark