...Calm down. We're not gonna get anywhere if you panic...Just stay close to me, and I'll...protect you, I guess.

—Keita Hinata, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Keita Hinata』
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Hinata Keita




17 years old


Male Male - Eyes Wiki


6'0" / 182.88cm


67 kg / 147.7 lbs

『Birth Date』

January 3rd

『Zodiac Sign』

Capricorn Capricorn

『Blood Type』



Akita Academy


High school student






Being silent, silence.


School, bullies, unhealthy foods, the media, talking.


Reading, gaming.

『Future Dream』



Yuriko (Younger twin sister).

Keita Hinata is one of the main playable characters, introduced in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets. He is an older twin brother of Yuriko.


Keita has short, black hair that seems to be slightly disheveled. He also has green eyes, and wears a black and white hoodie, along with brownish-beige, baggy trousers. In addition to this, he wears black sneakers and has a somewhat pale complexion. He also has a short necklace around his neck, a pendant visible on it.


Keita is a very silent individual. He enjoys hanging around with his friends, but he doesn't like to say very much, and usually conveys his thoughts by motioning something or doing a small mannerism. Despite this, he is a very helpful, almost like a 'silent hero'. He helps other people and wants people to have the best. He seems very selfless, but a lot of people don't like him because of his dislike of talking. He also seems quite clingy and overprotective of his friends and family, especially Yuriko.


  • Before finalizing Keita, his first name was Fuyuki, and then Ryuu.
  • Yuriko states that Keika's so silent, that he doesn't even talk to her anymore.
  • Because Keita is so silent, it is seen in one of the extra episodes that Akari was spreading rumors about him being mute; this implied that Keita was a victim of bullying, and also implied that Akari and Keita were not friends, but just hung out because of the group they were in.