...You should just fall in love with me, already. 'Cause...when I'm around you, I just...ugh, can't seem to...control myself.

—Hibiki Iwate, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Hibiki Iwate』
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Iwate Hibiki


16 years old


Male Male - Eyes Wiki


5'9" / 175 cm


67 kg / 147.7 lbs

『Birth Date』

June 9th

『Zodiac Sign』

Gemini Gemini

『Blood Type』



Akita Academy


High school student






Nothing in particular


People pretending to be someone they're not


Lounging around

『Future Dream』

To marry.


Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)

『Voice Actor』

Billy Crinion. (Deviantart icon)

Hibiki Iwate is one of the main playable characters, introduced in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets.


Hibiki has dark brown, slicked hair that flicks up at the front, while the longer parts of his hair flow down at the back. He has wide, redish-brown eyes and normally wears a small smile. He formally wears the Akita Academy Boy's Uniform, which consists of an unnecessary black blazer over the top of a thin, black shirt that is buttoned up all the way to the top. He wears a red tie that is tucked into the blazer, along with black trousers and matching black shoes.


Hibiki is an energetic, longing young boy who is always seen smiling. He makes his feelings for Hotaru clear, being as he takes every oppertunity to kiss her on the cheek, and make some sort of romantic gesture. He seems very optimistic and friendly, but is disobedient and can sometimes be classed as annoying. Hibiki seems to frustrate Ryuu and Reon, but continues to remain himself.


  • Name Hibiki direcly translates into word sound, same goes for the kanji of it
  • Hibiki comes from a wealthy family.
  • Hibiki is a hopeless romantic, as shown when he confesses to Hotaru in Chapter 4.