This page will contain the story, revolving around Kazumi.

Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 3


Chapter 5

At the end of the chapter, Kazumi is seen in the classroom alone. She is looking out the window, speaking aloud about her thoughts on the situation she had just been through. For the most part, she remains calm and doesn't make expressions. Then, she takes out a picture from her jeans' back pocket, looking at it with a saddened expression. A cutscene then issues when the picture shows her classmates, herself, Misora, Keita, Hibiki, Hotaru, Akari, Reon, and Yuriko.  After muttering that they're gone, she repeats herself and throws the picture on the floor, screaming out that she's sorry. This is her first breakdown throughout the story aside from when Misora died, but she begins to cry excessively and continues to scream out that she's sorry, and why she's sorry. She picks up the picture again and looks at everyone's faces, biting down on her bottom lip as she continues to sob harder. She is heard, and Keita walks in on cue. Keita looks slightly shocked, and runs over to Kazumi, asking what's wrong. She explains through sobs, and Keita smiles at her sympathetically. She returns it, and Keita says that he promises that he'll protect her. They hug, and their faces lean in, but they hear a voice out of nowhere that chuckles, then exclaims that 'I'm not finished yet!' All of a sudden, a hand appears out of thin air, latching onto Kazumi's right eye and forcefully pulling at it. It eventually pulls her so much that she suddenly disappears just after Kazumi screams in pain. Keita is shocked, and drops to his knees, calling out Kazumi's name before the screen turns black.