...You're insane. You really are insane, aren't you? You're sick.

—Kazumi Osaka, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Kazumi Osaka』
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Osaka Kazumi


17 years old


Female Female - Eyes Wiki


5'2" / 157.4 cm


50 kg / 110.2 lbs

『Birth Date』

September 24th

『Zodiac Sign』

Libra Libra

『Blood Type』



Akita Academy


High school student.






Musicals / Plays, her friends.




Singing, music.

『Future Dream』

To be a famous musician.

Kazumi Osaka is the protagonist of Eyes: Bloodied Secrets.


Kazumi has rather bright ginger hair, and complementing green eyes. She also has a rather regular complexion, and has several plasters over her skin. There's one just over the bridge of her nose, one on her jaw and a slightly bigger plaster on her foot. In addition, she has a rather bloody bandage on her right index finger, suggesting that the injury was somewhat new. Her attire consists of a comfortable, beige jumper made out of cotton that stretches across just underneath her shoulders. Underneath, she wears a black vest top, but only the top is visible. Also, she wears light blue jeans that become baggy near her ankles, piling up slightly above her feet. To finish it off, she wears plain, black flats and has painted her medium-length nails red. Her design is simplistic and comfortable, suggesting that Kazumi has a relaxed nature and prefers comfort over looks.


Kazumi is a laid-back, rather sarcastic girl. She is shown to be intelligent and hones leadership skills. She remains level-headed and keeps calm at most times, and seems to come up with somewhat egotistical, snarky comebacks. Whenever she is insulted, she shows no sign of caring and merely brushes it aside, coming up with a snappy remark and strolling off. Kara is shown to be a cool, calm and collected girl who has no time for idiots. However, she is rather overprotective of her friends, especially Misora, and will usually attempt to protect her. One of her remarkable traits is that she is rather accident-prone. In some situations, Kazumi is implied to be a klutz, and usually falls over or cuts herself, which is why she has several bandages and plasters.


  • Kazumi's early concept name was Noemi(ノエミ).
  • There is signs in the game and certain hints that Kazumi has claustrophobia.

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