What's the best method to kill a person?

—Hotaru Sayuri,, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Hotaru Sayuri』
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Sayuri Hotaru


16 years old


Female Female - Eyes Wiki


5' / 152.4 cm


47 kg / 103.6 lbs

『Birth Date』

November 9th

『Zodiac Sign』

Scorpio Scorpio

『Blood Type』


『Bust Size』



Akita Academy


High school student





『Future Dream』

To be an -on-the-run ???

『Voice Actor』

Erin Gee. (Wikia icon) (Deviantart icon)

Hotaru Sayuri is one of the main playable characters in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets. Later it is told that she is one of the main antagonists and she shares that role with Kira Fukushima.


Hotaru is a teenage girl of below average height and small weight. She has medium-length light pink hair and heterochromia, meaning her eyes are differently colored (One being green, the other blue). Like any other female student at Akita Academy, she wears a white short-sleeved sailor suit that has short blue cuffs with white streaks on them with a blue collar with a two-piece red tie, a blue skirt, black thigh-height socks and matching blue heeled pumps.


Hotaru was a very shy, tender-loving girl who usually isolated herself from other people. She was so shy, that when people tried to talk to her, she would back away slowly and whisper 'G-Go away, please', even if she already knew them. As Kazumi and her friends tried to socialize with her more, she grew to love them, but her rival, Akari, bullied her and claimed to have never liked her from the start. When so spoke, she would stutter, and rarely showed anger or trust.
However, as everyone enters the abandoned school, it is discovered that Hotaru is, in fact, a psychopath. What she pulled off before entering was all and act, and she liked to speak in riddles, taunting people with crazy threats and mulling over ways to murder someone.


  • Name Hotaru translates to word firefly, although only if used with different kanji (ホタル instead of ほたる)
    • This also relates to the fact that, later in the game, she shines brighter than anyone else within the school.
  • It is shown that Hotaru has Panphobia, but it's classed as strange due to her split-personality.

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