She hates you. You'll never get her back.

—Eyes: Bloodied Secrets, Tagline

『Eyes: Bloodied Secrets』
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Chloe Davies


Chloe Davies






Chloe Davies, Erin Gee.





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To be released


Survival Horror Adventure



Eyes: Bloodied Secrets is a first game from series "Eyes" by Chloe Davies, It is yet to be made and is still under developement, with no release date yet announced. It is known that it will have english voiceacting.


Hibiki obtains a book he found off the streets, and shows his friends this book. Reading out the short story, it explains that there is a happy teenage girl with great friends. She lives in a big house secluded from everywhere else, and lives in peace and harmony. It's not exactly very well-written, but after reading the story, everyone slowly begins to black out, and find themselves trapped in a school-like area different from their own school. Together, they have to fight to get out and help other people or ghosts they encounter along the way so they can recieve hints to get out.


Eyes is a linear survival horror adventure game with role-playing elements. Players take control of a character or a party of characters. You can interact and pickup objects from the environment and use them for your purposes, such as using keys on doors to unlock them. In a particular part in the game, you can select between different split up parties and play as the characters from those parties and arrane the parties. In addition, there are several "extra scenes" in the game, which are playable, what show what happened a little into the future after the incident, or way back in the past.


For the list of characters, see Characters.

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