Bad Ending 1 | Chapter 1Edit


  • When Chasing after the figure that was dragging Misora along, reach the room Misora was in before the timer gets to 0.

When Kazumi attempts to find Misora and attempt to become friends again, she manages to see her body in the distance. Calling Misora's name, she rushes towards her, but before she knows it, Misora is quickly being dragged across the ground. Alerted, Kazumi screams, but then automatically sprints towards Misora's body. The player then gets to control Kazumi again. They can make her run to Misora, in an attempt to save her from the currently unknown kidnapper. Kazumi then sees the killer take Misora into a room, but then, before her, gunge appears on the ground, probably the work of the kidnapper, and it slows Kazumi down. If you manage to find a pathway around the goo and reach Misora before the timer that was set runs down to 0, you will see Misora, still alive, and her killer, a young ghost girl, Yumi Aomori. Angered, the ghost comes over and kills both Misora and Kazumi, resulting in a bad end.